Thursday, April 20, 2006

ET Phone Home

The SETI project, which now uses distributed computer networks to search for intelligent life in the universe, is apparently in financial trouble and is currently soliciting donations. (You can thank your lucky stars that all contributions are tax-deductable.)

While you're in their orbit, check out the SETI drinking song linked from their website. I suppose I've done enough work on the websites of other governments. What about the websites of other planets? I'm familiar with Google Earth; what about Google Alpha Centauri?

Congressional hearings about astrobiology -- and other forms of government information about life in outer space -- attempt to focus attention on the ecosystems of other planets rather than "intelligent" food-chain topping organisms like ourselves. Of couse, some of the most requested Freedom of Information and NSA documents on the web continue to be UFO abduction and Area 51 related.

Most otherworldy, in my search for extraterrestrial life on .gov domains I also discovered Learn the Real Science of Pokemon. Good to see our tax dollars hard at work on celestial topics!



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