Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm Going to Disneyland!

This Justin revealed that this New Orleans mayorial candidate was posed on her website in front of New Orleans Square in Disneyland, not the actual city of New Orleans that she hoped to govern. (Tip to would-be politicians in the Big Easy: remember to edit out tell-tale Disney garbage cans!)

This story about Photoshopped relocation was subsequently picked up in Wonkette, who linked it to a parallel Republican website prevarication that was covered in Daily Koz about a congressional candidate who tried to use a shot of a peaceful "Iraq" street as political ammunition, claiming it had been taken in U.S. occupied territory during a fact-finding mission, despite the fact that the street shown actually was in Turkey.

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Blogger Lupton said...

David Folkenflik, then a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, outed Geraldo for faking locations. (Now David covers media for NPR -- great move for a nice guy). With so many sim-cities in Vegas and Anaheim -- plus the powers of Photoshop -- it's no surprise that politicians are playing Theme Park with their location shots. I'm glad there's a vigilant crowd of Davids to out the Goliaths.

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