Thursday, January 11, 2007

Free Admission

There is encouraging news from the Victoria and Albert Museum, which has just announced that it will no longer charge academics and scholars for using its digital images.

The new policy comes into place in order to bolster the museum's commitment to providing access to its collections, but it will mean that some revenue is lost (possibly over 100,000 punds a year). It may also put pressure on other major institutions to end charging for image
downloads, a practice up to now jealously guarded by many of the big UK galleries.

From early 2007, visitors to the Collections Online database will be able to easily download hi-resolution images free of charge, providing they are for academic use. The definition of this will be quite broad, but the finer aspects of the policy's implementation have yet to be set in stone.

The V&A image library contains everything from Arts and Crafts movement wallpaper samples to Sixties fashion shots and cutting edge designs.

Also, the V&A has podcasts. How cool is that!



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