Monday, January 08, 2007

Multiple Choice

There are a number of interactive quizzes on the web these days with political overtones, from the fixed questionnaire Is Bush a Psychopath? to this political quiz designed to place the reader numerically on a Liberal/Conservative index. The blogosphere has recently discovered that serious researchers are also trolling the web to encourage visitors to their site to explore their social, political, and cultural attitudes. This series of projects at Project Implicit has particularly interesting projects about homophobia and xenophobia.

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Blogger Lupton said... allows you to write your own surveys for free (or charges a little for longer or more complex instruments). It's easy to use. Many of the academic and internet services that I use (NetworkSolutions, Interfolio) distribute surveys to measure customer satisfaction. I always answer them. I'm not sure why: is it part of the Web 2.0 ethos to want to leave one's mark, even when it's just a marketing ploy? Are Surveys the New Elections? But an academic study on using the internet in graduate teaching did award me an iPod for my efforts last year -- and then they selected me for intensive study based on my answers, with a $2000 research stipend! To say the least, I was more than "moderately satisfied on a scale of 1-10"!

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