Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Parental Warning

Warning: Do not install Vista as your kid's operating system.

Despite what you may have heard this week from places like The New York Times in articles like "For Parents, New Way to Control the Action," it's a truly terrible idea to install software that enforces centralized corporate controls and intentionally disables programs that come from independent software developers. They may say, "It is not overreaching to say that if you have young children who play computer games or use the Internet you are basically remiss if you do not upgrade to Vista as soon as possible," but listen to the chief technologist of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Seth Schoen, if you don't believe me and read what he has to say here. Or read from a leading game developer about how Vista hobbles independent game makers who can't afford to buy a rating from the expensive ESRB system. I'm a parent, and I say this new operating system violates almost every one of my 10 Principles for the Digital Family. (This week I'm playing the delightfully mindless GrowCube games with my kids.)

Just say no.

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