Saturday, June 23, 2007

Party Crashers

Despite the organizational snafus, it seemed that yesterday's MacArthur gathering modeled a variety of idealized rhetorical practices suitable to the virtual agora. Of course, Second Life is also about disrupting institutional rhetoric that appeals to civic gravitas, as this description of the attack on John Edwards' virtual campaign headquarters illustrates. Check out the YouTube video that documents the attack of Marios, Bill Cosby posters, zombies, and exploitative girl-on-girl images below.

Notice how this online raid video uses the soundtrack from the comedy movie Team America. The same music has been featured in a number of remixes that includes at least one widely distributed sappy post 9-11 video. See a sampling of these remixes here. Note also that this film provided the audio for the beginning of the Sonic Jihad video that was shown in Congress.

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