Friday, August 17, 2007

Brand Confusion

I won't be linking to their URL because I don't want this rival VirtualPolitik site to be going any higher in the page rankings, but I did think it was interesting to discover that there was a sound-alike website that offers Internet political consulting for Mexican candidates running for office. Of course, as a Southern Californian who lives a few hours from the international border, I'm very interested in Mexican campaigns, particularly those that use U.S. public relations firms that also handle social marketing, risk communication, or public diplomacy accounts.

Although I'm certainly not the one providing them, apparently the "servicios" of this Virtualpolitik wannabe include the following consulting areas:

Diseño de sites
Calendarios de actividades
Encuestas de opinión
Foros de discusión
Fundraisers en linea
Coordinación de eventos
Sistemas de membresía de ciudadanos comprometidos
Uso de sistemas de comunidades virtuales como YouTube

Do not be confused by imitators! The common sense advice available here on Virtualpolitik is always free and designed to foster citizen participation.

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