Friday, December 07, 2007

Math Lessons

Striking WGA writers have produced a number of parody videos purporting to be from the management side of the collective bargaining process, such as the one below. A common motif is the screwy math lesson that plays with the cultural cliché that people who are good with language wouldn't be good with numbers.

It turns out that there aren't any real YouTube videos on the AMPTP official site, although they do have an annoying ghostly news feed that fades in and out. In fact, it was so annoying that I went to view the page source for the HTML code and discovered that the script had come from a genuinely good web development site, Dynamic Drive, which solicits user-generated content and explains the embedding process and how scripts work remarkably well.

So, thanks to the AMPTP, after wondering if it has really been worth it to go to my weekly evening ActionScript class for the past year, today I can feel pleasure and amazement at being finally able to understand exactly how web pages like this work and to be unafraid of words like "constructor" and "instance." Even as the strike wears on, I suppose my own math lessons are going pretty well.

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