Wednesday, March 26, 2008


As someone interested in how government agencies use information design, I find that even when I'm traveling, I'm conscious of how data is represented. At the Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch a spray-painted hawk stencil showed where the trail to the observation peak was located.
Later in the day I visited the Gettysburg National Park site to view parts of the battlefield and the approximate area where Lincoln gave his famous rhetorical performance. Sadly, the fabulous "electric map" shown below, which gives the visitor a low-tech but very engaging strategy view of the three-day engagement of troops, is soon to be phased out. The whole museum is slated to be replaced, probably with terrible new "interactive" touch screen galleries.

Strangely, Lincoln's famous speech isn't yet among those at Remix America, which is now "live" online, although the electronically savvy can always remix the Gettysburg PowerPoint for fun.

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