Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More April Fool's Day Fun

You can also check out Mark Marino's news item about how the "LA Times Switches to All-Wiki Format in 11th-Hour Battle for Life."

In a desperate attempt to stop the involuntary leakage of its readership, the slightly less-old gray lady has tried the Depends of new media, embracing a technology that almost spelt its d-e-a-t-h in bright blue hyperlinked Arial.

The Los Angeles Times has consolidated with the Chicago Tribune and the New Stanton Occasional Telegraph to form The Los Wikiless Timespedia, a wiki-based newspaper entirely created by its readers.

Enjoy stories with titles like

* Serial [Comma] on the Loose (Below)
* The Complete Facebook Status Messages of Julia Harris
* Eastside-Westside Revert War over Tupac Shakur Article
* US Gives Rationale for War With Iran
* Runaway Stroller Rams Widow
* Ark. Meat Factory Explodes
* You Suck

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