Sunday, May 25, 2008

Booby Prize

Back home in Santa Monica and wearing my Computers and Writing t-shirt while unpacking my C&W tote and water bottle, I am reminded about how this conference now emulates the swag-bag activities associated with other technology-related events. Although, given the unisex offerings, it's fair to say that it is still true that "Tech t-shirts aren't sexy enough," and paying women are given less usable garb than men. Kudos, however, to CalIT2, which actually produces a women's version of their shirt, which I suspect will be out of my closet more often than the one I have on at the moment.

I also noticed how networking between bloggers could have been much better orchestrated. For purposes of reporting on the conference, there should have been a kind of "news pool" to divvy up the writing labor. I would have been glad to have an assignment, since I like collaborative blogging. As it is, I met bloggers like Daniel Anderson by accident in the hallways or at the bar. (Check out Anderson's Vimeo version of his Sophie presentation on "Transforming the Teaching of Literature" here.)

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