Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lightning Strikes More than Once

In "Funny Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Sparks YouTube Revolt," Wired reports about the digital afterlife of the "Storm" PSA ad from the National Organization for Marriage that expresses strong sentiments about the imagined dangers of same-sex unions. The ad has been widely mocked on cable channels and has received notable jibes from Stephen Colbert and Rachel Maddow.

The fun really began when Human Rights Campaign leaked the green screen footage of the auditions of the actors' wooden acting, so that mash-up madness had an opportunity to run wild on YouTube, even though NOM keeps making copyright claims on the content that it finds and filing takedown notices. (This link will still take you to the footage, complete with humorous annotations.)

For example, a video that uses compositing software to include klansmen and Nazis in the ad complains about how intellectual property law is being applied against political responses to the ad:

We are removing the name of the organization because YouTube has begun removing all the videos that have re-edited or reuploaded. By the way, they recently removed all the audition tapes of all these actors that have appeared in the videos. Yes, none of these people are who they claim. They are ALL actors.

They might be sending out a lot of take down notices. And besides, there are many videos that would be hard to describe as including direct copies of the group's digital files. Now there are spoofs with live action, chatbot-style parodies, and send-ups with puppets. Given that YouTube is well known for celebrations of bad acting (and that the Internet is generally associated with dissimulation already), it's understandable that the topic is irresistible for videos like this one.

Update: Mack McCoy points out a great parody here.

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