Friday, November 18, 2005

Essay Assistance from Ivy League Graduate

Those who just tuned in to today's live chat at the White House website might have missed the following exchange, which headed off the probing questions that the Deputy Chief of the Baghdad U.S. Embassy faced:

Amy, from River Falls, WI writes:

I am a Political Science student at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. I am working on a semester long research paper about Iraq. My question is: How are the rules for constitutional ratification in Iraq currently written? Please answer my question, I have been combing the Internet for days and cannot find my answer

David Satterfield

Iraq's constitution was ratified on the basis of Iraq's Transitional Administrative Law, a basic law that was drafted by Iraqi leaders in concert with the Coalition Provisional Authority. That law stipulated, in Article 61, that Iraqis would vote on their constitution in an October 15 referendum. The constitution would pass if approved by a majority of voters and if not rejected by two-thirds of the voters in three or more of Iraq's 18 governorates. On referendum day the constitution passed dramatically. Seventy-nine percent of Iraqi voters approved the constitution and 21 percent voted against it. Only two governorates voted against it by a two-thirds majority. And so, in accordance with the Transitional Administrative Law and the rulings of Iraq's Independent Electoral Commission, the constitution was adopted.

Thank heaven that young people won't be "combing the Internet" for days with the staffers of this President around! Wisconsin students won't need to go to, as long as our Chief Executive is leader of the Free World.

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