Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holy Hoaxes!

In the spirit of the season, I was interested to hear reports of a True Christian mod for the video game Unreal Tournament in connection with a DAC presentation by Cynthia Haynes called "DisArmaggedon Army: Of Gods, Mods, and God Mode Rhetorics" about how God's eye play and religious ideology could be related. This story about Bible Based Maps and Characters that supposedly "works to give jesus god mode, but not any other players" was of particular argumentative value to me, because I have written about the military video game Tactical Iraqi, which also uses the Unreal engine, albeit for the purpose of teaching soldiers Arabic and certain regional rules for politeness. When I went to the site Haynes cites, however, I discovered that a few extensions back on the URL indicates that the report is from a parody site. But thanks to Haynes's panel, I also learned about a video installation that uses the first-person shooter interface to send e-mails to the President during game play.

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