Monday, February 20, 2006

Killer App

A killer app or "killer application" describes an extremely useful computer program, such as e-mail, that shapes the market and even the larger culture. Who Got Shot by Dick Cheney isn't such a program, although it deals with potentially mortal consequences. However, this widely forwarded URL shows how the cultural conversation of the Web is driven by both political timeliness and a remix culture that encourages appropriating and recombining elements from pre-existing digital artifacts (like the CNN website) to create new electronic ephemera.



Blogger Charles said...

Hey, it's CharlesV, creator of Glad you liked the site. It's pretty wild how fast we can get things moving these days... the hardest part of the whole igotshot bit was waiting for the domain to propogate (and I didn't even know php before I started!).


3:41 PM  

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