Friday, March 24, 2006

Out of Sight

Liz Losh is letting her screen go dark for Spring Break. Please continue to send comments and interesting links for the Virtualpolitik project, but be patient because daily posting may not resume until April 4th.

Hopefully she won't bring home pictures like this tourist video for the award-winning viral campaign for the game Act of War by Atari. (The video is part of a multimedia installation at SMMOA.)

Although she is not taking her computer to sea with her, it isn't because she was deterred by a recent Los Angeles Times article, "As Japanese Bring Work Home, Virus Hitches a Ride." It's worth noting that this news item also contains a surprising number of cultural stereotypes, including the assertion that taking one's work home is a "bad Japanese habit" and that "normally" all one would risk compromising would be personal photographs or private videos on file-sharing networks.



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