Monday, May 01, 2006

Save Our State

Today, the nation's attention is on the live actions of pro-immigrant marchers and their political supporters who know that they'll have to do-it-themselves today, but their opponents have been refining them messages as well. The successful rhetoric deployed by their representatives in the House indicates their electoral pull, and they have used informal distributed networks of nativists as well.

Save Our State is the organizational title of an anti-immigration group that begins by asking each visitor to their webpage: "Is your community becoming a 3rd world city?" while spooky music plays that is reminiscent of the old website score for the French National Front. I learned about the organization from the much lower-tech Save San Bernardino website, which has launched a campaign against Spanish language translation and in favor of prosecuting landlords who rent to illegal residents.

S.O.S. also gets its message out via a webcasting fanatical television station, Kirkby TV, which even apes the fair-and-balanced coverage pose of Fox. Unfortunately for the voyeuristic, their server is often down, so your chances of seeing its crusading under-represented blond Santa Barbaran covering demonstrations against publicly funded art may be blocked by technological obstacles.



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