Monday, June 26, 2006

Do You Have Prince Albert in a Can?

Political dissidents from Cuba use many novel methods for subverting the Castro regime, but Cuba Verdad has come up with a delightfully juvenile approach based on an old stand-by, the prank telephone call. Although the website has been threatened with FCC action, the files from the telephone call are still there, in which an ertsatz "Hugo Chavez" calls Castro. Miami radio hosts pulled off this hoax by sampling digital files with Chavez's actual voice. After pretending to be inquiring about a lost luggage complaint for a few minutes, the callers identified themselves as American expatriates and managed to record several expletives (including one about the callers' mothers) from Castro in response.

Here at home, fans of the upcoming B-movie Snakes on a Plane who might thumb their noses at a Transportation Safety Agency designed to prevent such high altitude mayhem, may enjoy these prank phone calls to major airlines about reptile cargo allowances. Also from another Snakes on a Plane site, video of a sleeping cable repairman who had dozed off while waiting on hold for an hour with his parent company, profiled in today's New York Times in "Your Call is Important to Us. Please Stay Awake."



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