Sunday, July 23, 2006

First, the Good News

Okay, maybe I'm not cancelling that subscription to the New York Times just yet. There is a terrific story in today's paper about serious games called "Saving the World One Videogame at a Time" by technology writer and Collision Detection blogger Clive Thompson. It covers a number of games and personalities (Henry Jenkins, Doug Thomas, Ian Bogost, Gonzalo Frasca, James Paul Gee, etc.) that are at the center of the discussion about persuasive gaming.

Now the bad news: there was also a cretinous story about copyright in the LA Times also in today's news. "Just Whose Idea is it Anyway" quotes Siva Vaidhyanathan without actually speaking to the man!

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Blogger Dogstar said...

Hello Liz,

So, are you going to ban me from this site, as well?

2:07 PM  
Blogger Liz Losh said...

I usually publish comments for four main reasons:

1) The person commenting represents one of the websites, games, or digital archives that I have critiqued in Virtualpolitik and may want the record to be corrected or a legitimate counterargument to be acknowledged.

2)The person is responding to my criticism of his or her scholarship in Virtualpolitik.

3)The person is adding information, often a URL, to what I have already published in Virtualpolitik.

4) The person is adding commentary in dialogue with mine, under his or her real name, and it's a person I know from face-to-face interactions at my university or in my scholarly community.

I do make exceptions, in the name of the collaborative spirit of the blogosphere, but I set rules for my main blog as well, so having guidelines for what I'll publish as a comment only seems reasonable.

2:18 PM  

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