Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Today all nine Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee refused to endorse the latest scare document, Al-Qaeda: The Many Faces of an Islamist Extremist Threat, which draws terrorist networks across the U.S. map and emphasizes the danger of prisons and universities as recruiting grounds.

(Yipes! I certainly hope that Congress is planning to shut down those dirty, dangerous universities before they get all of us killed!)

What was my favorite section of this generously illustrated government report? I think it was the section about how the "Islamist extremist threat" will continue to grow, thanks to the "exploitation of the Internet" by nefarious groups. Of course, the primary purpose of the Internet is described as being a "key enabler" of terrorism that has "radicalized" many. "Easy access" and "lack of regulation" apparently increase the "allure" of relying on computers for jihadists.

What is especially amazing is that the footnotes to this report cite testimony from the embarrassing Sonic Jihad hearing before this same Intelligence Committee, in which fan footage of videogame play with a parody soundtrack was shown to congressional representatives as deadpan evidence of the menacing nature of this new Islamist technological threat.

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