Thursday, October 19, 2006

An Open Letter to Marjorie Garber

Today, I received a glossy brochure from the Visual and Environmental Studies program at Harvard and was stunned to see that there were no faculty members representing computer-mediated art: no game designers, no digital painters, no interactive artists. Even the cover of the catalogue was a kind of fiction, given their faculty hires; it showed "Relationship Grid," an installation with a touch screen by senior Timothy Pittman.

The chair of the department, Marjorie Garber, was one of my favorite professors in college, and I certainly enjoyed reading her books in graduate school, but I feel that it's an embarrassment for such an elite institution to be so aesthetically isolated from digital culture, and I hope to see some new faculty members listed next year when I get my booklet in the mail.

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Blogger Julia Lupton said...

Meanwhile, a team at Indiana University consisting of Telecommunications professor Edward Castranova and English professor Linda Charnes have received a big grant from the MacArthur Foundation to build ARDEN, a virtual Shakespeare environment.

Brave. New. World.

7:06 AM  

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