Monday, November 27, 2006

Collective Intelligence

I'd like to draw upon the collective intelligence of readers for a moment, particularly other avid movie-goers. I just watched The Da Vinci Code, which is hardly a fine film-watching experience, but does have a scene in which the main character gives a PowerPoint presentation early in the story. Can others think of additional examples of how PowerPoint is represented in recent Hollywood films? The same goes for Keynote or other electronic slideshow programs. I know that An Inconvenient Truth and The Yes Men featured this new rhetorical genre, but there must be other films I am forgetting. Fictional PowerPoints by policy makers or government officials (heroes, villains, or side-kicks) would be of particular interest.

I'm interested in how human-computer interactions are being depicted differently, now that there are other models than the stealthy hacker breaking into the top-secret database. What does it mean if the computer is seen as a vehicle for public rhetoric as well as private information?

Anyway, e-mail me if you have examples of PowerPoint from movies.

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