Friday, November 03, 2006

Intelligence Test

Well, the documents at the U.S. Foreign Military Studies Office Joint Reserve Intelligence Center
are down now, but it doesn't stop them from being a front page embarrassment to the administration on the cover of today's New York Times. In "U.S. Web Archive is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Primer" we learn that a database filled with an incoherent justification for invading Iraq, also contains some how-to material from which an enterprising terrorist could learn to make an atomic bomb. What I love is that the person behind all this is Pete Hoekstra, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and the man who presided over the botched Sonic Jihad hearing as well. The NY Times also quotes Jamal Ware, Hoekstra's spokesman, who never returns phone calls about requests for transcripts, although ostensibly that is his job, according to the website.

Next time, those guys should call some librarians first, if they aren't too busy harassing them with the PATRIOT act.

I like that Ann Bartow of Sivacracy pointed out that it sounded like something from The Onion.

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