Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Ever wonder, "What happens to the trees after Christmas?" This YouTube video shows you.

(We always have a Charlie Brown's Christmas-looking live tree. This year we've switched over from our bedraggled have-pity-on-it Norfolk Island pine to a slightly less scrawny model with blue-green foliage. Our hope is that -- with a little careless gardening -- it will eventually grow into the Dr. Seuss shape of the old one.)

You can also check out this tree-smackdown, if you're still in the holiday spirit. (But don't try it at home.)

Of course, the Internet is a great way to share seasonal decorating ideas and festive participatory culture, before it all gets loaded in the dumpster in the days and weeks ahead. My favorite X-mas tree this year was Ellen Lupton's tree, which was covered with price tags, but I'd also give a shout out for these other DIY trees. Pass the turducken, as seen on this webcam, please.



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