Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beyond Insult and Injury

There was a grotesque story about the nasty side of digital culture in today's Los Angeles Times, which also involves state rhetoric and archival processes, so it seems worth mentioning here. "Dead Teen's Photos Sent to Family" describes how grieving relatives received electronic copies of digital photos of their daughter's decapitated body shortly after she died in a car crash in a flurry of e-mails from malevolent strangers. Apparently the original source of the photos is actually the California Highway Patrol, although it is not clear how the images were released so that they now have proliferated on ghoulish, sadistic, and pornographic websites, from which particularly cruel users sent them back to the family. According to an article in The Orange County Register, the family of Nikki Catsouris is now attempting to purge the images from the Internet using the popular service Reputation Defender, which specializes in scrubbing out traces of youthful indiscretions on social networking sites. The family is also suing the CHP and is being represented by Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara, which has reproduced some of the print news coverage on their website.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can never delete something forever. If it got out... too late.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am so sorry for your loss i just saw it on 20/20 and whoever these sick idiots are that are posting these pictures need to be put in jail for descrimination to the family and whatever other charges that can be pressed on them because they are stupid and sick in the head seriously well like i said my prayers go out to nikkis family god bless and have a wonderfull holidays

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let people know that one of the Attorneys involved in this case, R. Rex Parris, is running for Mayor of Lancaster, Ca on a "family values" and public safety platform. He is the same guy who has ridiculed the Catsouras family and implied that they were trying to make money of their daughters death.
you can find more information at or This guy shouldn't be elected to anything. He's a disgrace to attorneys.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you , not only for your very tragic loss but also in dealing with the disgusting, hateful comments of so many sick minds . Those people must be sociopaths to even think those type of thoughts. Lord help them if they ever make an error in judgement

7:29 AM  

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