Tuesday, May 29, 2007

With Friends Like These

The shenanigans of Azia Kim have been commemorated in a number of pages on the popular social networking site Facebook. According to "Imposter Caught" in The Stanford Daily Online, Kim made it through most of the academic year pretending to be a freshman at the prestigious college, where she even slept in the dorms and ate in campus dining halls. Although her personal site on Xanga has been taken down, Facebook is either condemning or celebrating her charade. Acerbic file-sharers of digital images are making catty comments about Kim's acne. A page has also been started called "It's official: Koreans are having the worst week ever!" that points out how their status as a model minority has been undermined first by the Virginia Tech shootings and now by events at Stanford. More students seem to be jumping to her defense at pages like "Azia Kim is my hero" or "We're here for you Azia" or "AZIAn Pride: Let Azia Kim Stay at Stanford."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this story which makes me wonder what Azaria's friendships were like with her dorm mates. Did they really feel like she was a friend or did they view her as someone who lived with them by circumstance? If they did feel she was a friend, what a betrayal it must have felt like to find out the truth about her scam. What a sad story.

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