Wednesday, October 03, 2007

All Creatures Great and Mall

Anyone perusing the blogroll to the right will see that I include a few sites that aren't explicitly digital like Space and Culture, Social Design Notes, or some of the information design or information graphics home pages that I like to visit. I break my own conventions occasionally because this is a blog about information culture more broadly not just the culture of digital media.

So I was charmed by the story "1 Room, No View," which describes how an artists collective had moved in to a secret room in a hideously ugly mall from whence they documented the experience through YouTube videos. I particularly liked this piece on Demographics Entrances, which uses online sources for aerial cartography and information graphics, but their whole YouTube channel is pretty wonderful. Apparently they lived in a studio apartment there for months before being busted by security guards. "Ducts and More Ducts" is also a fine viewing experience.

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