Thursday, November 01, 2007

Either Hugo or I Go

Anti-American Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is becoming a YouTube celebrity in his own right as anti-Chavez pundits from around the world use the distributed video-sharing site to display their user-generated content. Some of the more popular clips are those that show Chavez insulting his presidential counterpart in the United States by calling Bush epithets that include "devil" and "drunk." Of course, those familiar with primary politics in the United States may be confused by the video below in which Chavez incoherently uses elephant imagery (in the background behind Chavez at his table) with the donkey metaphor he repeats in his tirade of anti-Bush insults.

In this Machinima video, the devil actually answers back and responds to Chavez's suggestion that the UN be moved to more Southern latitudes by suggesting that hell could be a convenient locale for international speeches and deliberations.

Finally, many are creating actual music videos with both pro- and anti-Chavez content and making them available to broad audiences with YouTube.

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