Wednesday, January 23, 2008

After All, the Camera Adds Ten Pounds

Today, youthful political pundit James Kotecki was mocking Republican congressional candidate Dean Hrbacek for using pictures of himself that were Photoshopped onto a thinner body. The Associated Press quotes Hrbacek's campaign manager, who handles the damage control:

Campaign manager Scott Broschart acknowledged to The Houston Chronicle that the image is a fake. Hrbacek has been so busy that he had no time to pose for a full-length photo for the mailing, Broschart said.

"He may appreciate that we took a few pounds off him," Broschart said. "I think the voters ... are more concerned with the issues as opposed to pretty photo shoots."

Lev Manovich has argued that Photoshop is a profoundly postmodern software package. We've covered a number of campaign Photoshop news items here on Virtualpolitik, including another one that seems head-on-shoulders above the rest, but this story about Endorsement by Photoshop with a template provided by Jesse Jackson Jr. may be one of the
most quintessentially postmodern.

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