Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Army Men are from Mars

Under Mars: an online archive of soldiers' photos comes with a justifiable warning about graphic content, although it also documents the mundane aspects of tours of duty in country that include humorously misspelled signs and the beauty of the institutionally banal. Many of the pages show the effects of roadside bombs.

A disclaimer says that this photo-sharing site is "apolitical" and is "not run by a member of the US military, nor is it run by a US citizen or resident." About the webmaster's identity, the home page only says that "who runs it, while not particularly secret, is also not particularly relevant." The choice of name for the website is explained as "an homage both to Mars, the Roman God of War, and to the otherworldly nature of the experience" of combat in the Middle East.

(Thanks to Mel Horan, creator of Garbage Island, for the link.)

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