Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Before E

Lately, it seems like the lower case "e" is being replaced by the lower case "i" in the naming conventions for technology related initiatives, although references to e-Government and e-Learning still abound. The plenary speaker at last weekend's iSchools iConference at UCLA (on "iFutures: Systems, Selves, Society" no less)was Microsoft xBox "cruise director" Christa Phillips. Phillips runs GamerChix, which borrows a Rosie-the-Riveter visual aesthetic to appeal to female gamers. I suppose the criticism of the Gamerchix paradigm to be made is the way that "videogames" or "online games" get constituted very narrowly by a set of corporate products that are aimed at a particular youth demographic. As the indie feminist collective of game designers at Ludica often points out, it's important not to count out nostalgic adventure gamers or online card players, who show that there are far more "girl gamers" than many may acknowledge.

Thanks to David Kay for the link.

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