Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free as in Free Online Game

Paolo at Molleindustria announces the release of a "tiny abstract pretentious game" called the Free Culture Game.

The goal is to provide a simplified interactive rendition of theories and propositions about knowledge capitalism (es. Negri, Lessing, Wark). It's a game you cannot lose. Even if you stop playing the game always tend to a dynamic equilibrium between market and Common. The basic assumption is that there will never be a complete privatization of
shared knowledge and without a strong opposition (represented by the player's action) the forces of the market will indefinitely exploit the innovative ideas emerging from the society.

He also promotes the group's legal resource center, which is designed for fighting for copyleft, fair use, and public domain designations.

This issue of whether or not games themselves can be copyrighted has been much debated this year, in light of the controversy over Alex Galloway's adaptation of Guy Debord's Game of War. Here are the words of wisdom from the U.S. Copyright Office.

For more about Molleindustria's products, check out this posting from Virtualpolitik about one of their earlier games, Operation: Pedopriest.

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