Friday, September 12, 2008

Lipstick on a YouTube Video

This "web ad" video from the multimedia arm of the McCain campaign initially incorporated footage of CBS news anchor Katie Couric descrying sexism aimed at female candidates, which led to a takedown notice from the network on the grounds of unauthorized use of the Couric footage and copyright violation by the Republicans. Apparently, this is the sixth copyright violation of the campaign.

Additionally, this AP video points out that the ad may also be misleading since the lipstick + animal comments of Obama and Palin refered to totally different contexts. The ad titled "Lipstick" on the McCain website now led to an entirely different clip of a stump speech, but -- as the video above shows -- McCain supporters have already trimmed the video to preserve the attack on Obama but excise the film owned by CBS and reposted it multiple times on YouTube.

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