Friday, September 12, 2008

The Top of Their Game

It's not surprising that the word "game" appears six times in Ann Powers' review of Metallica's new album in today's Los Angeles Times, since Powers also reports on how the business model of the record's release depends on a cross-platform deal with the makers of the videogame Guitar Hero. Although Metallica admits to being "bad at Guitar Hero," the band is likely to profit on the unconventional deal that finds a novel solution to the revenue problem associated with easily replicable digital music. As the Times Online reports, "The veteran rockers broke new ground by releasing their first album in five years simultaneously as a CD and as a computer game, making the album and bonus material available via Activision’s Guitar Hero III for about £8."

Now that Metallica played with cellos is part of the YouTube repertoire, it seems that the band members and their fans are cultivating a strong transmedia presence.

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