Friday, October 03, 2008

Going with the Flow

Many who watched the vice presidential debate were struck by the almost robotic responses of the Republican candidate. The Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart formalizes the procedural logic of her responses into a parodic diagram. As Ian Bogost also points out, there are at least two Sarah Palin chatterbots as well that lampoon her performance in interviews. Kung Fu Election has also added VPs to the roster of combatants in the popular online political game. Palin wields a hockey stick that transforms into a weapon protected by the second amendment. The Biden figure can also be matched against potential First Lady Cindy McCain.

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Blogger bob c said...


It seems that a robotic persona is the extenion of marketing into all phases of our lives today. This approach must work well. Some times the precepts of something are mined from the active ingredients of our behavior, even from and by those that profess not to be affected by or exhibit said traits. Those that think themselves imune should look in the mirror closely and for a long time.

I am not a Palin suporter by the way.

Critiquing is not the same as parody or flashy insults. Blending these separate things subversively appears to be marketing at it's best.(or tricky-best) Palin and her handlers did a poor job of blending it seems.

I'm rarely anonymous (never now that I have my Google password on my screen) and I aproved this mesage.


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