Friday, October 31, 2008

Making Visible

Unlike earlier advertisements against California's Proposition 8, which the Los Angeles Times observed featured a noticeable absence in presenting oxymoronic "invisible gays" who are only spoken of by the straight characters in the spots, this new ad with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, which is also being used as a fundraising tool, includes actual images of families with gay partners.

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Anonymous Vivian Folkenflik said...

I hope kids ask themselves: What are the rules of any game we play? Seeing the print excerpt that prohibits marriage of whites to "Negroes, Mongolians, and..." I was reminded of Obama's remark that his own parents couldn't have married in Virginia in 1961. Indeed, Loving v. Virginia did not happen until 1965, though descendants of Pocahontas were allowed to marry whites, an odd and almost comical rules-of-the-game touch. What jokes and parodies and social games reinforced anti-miscegenation rules? Funny peculiar rules (rather than ha-ha). Maybe these video games are teaching kids to try out new rules themselves!

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