Friday, November 07, 2008

Never Forget as a PowerPoint

A mass e-mail with a chain mail admonition is widely circulating with this PowerPoint presentation about the Holocaust. It contains a number of very graphic images of corpses in the death camps that many might normally be filtered out by those concerned about NSFW or "not safe for work" content.

One recipient of the e-mail in the group I was in was skeptical about its message for reasons very different from those one would suspect from the Holocaust deniers who might dispute the truth of its historical information. (The PowerPoint begins with a photograph of Dwight D Eisenhower and his call for documenting the genocide of the Jews.) This person referred the group to a number of Internet resources that contradicted its claim that European textbook manufacturers were removing references to the Holocaust from their curricular materials.

It is mostly disturbing when the Holocaust is being used as a mean to spread false rumors.

Before taking for granted any suspicious information spread virally over the net I urge you to ascertain its veracity.

The fact is that the United Kingdom has NOT erased the Holocaust from its curriculum. Just Google "United Kingdom - Holocaust - Curriculum" and you'll find plenty of information dispelling this distorted piece of news. As Lenin once said "a lie told often enough becomes the truth!".

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