Monday, December 29, 2008

Vote for Writing

Composition theorist Charles Bazerman, known for his "socially based theories of genre, activity system, interaction, intertextuality, and cognitive development" and for his studies of "the history of scientific writing, other forms of writing used in advancing technological projects, and the relation of writing to the development of disciplines of knowledge," has posted instructions for how to advocate for writing instruction, particularly writing for professional, scholarly, and public contexts, which often gets left out of the literacy debates.

I have just posted the question below for the President Elect at There are a couple of other writing focused questions on the education page of the "open for question" feature. So far writing has been hidden on the national education agenda and we need to start making it visible. Voting for these questions and adding your own is one small way to start bringing writing forward.

Learning to read without learning to write is like trying to learn language by listening and never speaking. Our testing prioritizes reading greatly over writing.

What will you do to create a balance between writing and reading?"

Chuck, Santa Barbara, California

Instructions (adapted from a political list I subscribe to)

1. go to

2. Sign in. Click to sign into the website. It's just one easy step. You
won't need to check your Email, and you'll be returned to the screen you were on.

3. Search. On the Open-for-Questions page type or paste into the search box: writing

4. Vote. That should bring up a series of questions which you can then vote for by
clicking on the check mark.

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