Sunday, January 04, 2009

Google Earth Doesn't Kill People; People Kill People

In "How Google Earth helped Mumbai attackers" the Times of India shows how the popular site for geospatial data and visualizations of the Earth from the air may have facilitated the assault on India's financial capital. One of the plotters in custody explained how the mission was prepared using online research.

Sensitive places like offices of Commissioner of Police and DGP, Gateway of India, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mantralaya, Wankhede Stadium, Race Course, Church Gate Railway Station, Stock Exchange Building, BARC, Kalina Army Gate and other such spots were located and marked on the Google Earth Map.

Many advocates for information transparency and access to representations of public space might fear that the Mountain View company might be pressured to delete high-resolution images of civic locations that are of interest as sites of justice, commerce, class mobility, or social exchange in a country with a relatively young democracy.

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Blogger bob c said...

It would seem that eshewing technology is always in fashion. To some it is the same thing to ascribe Google Earth any negatives in it's existance as it is to blame language, writing, or even fire for the demise of anything good.

8:24 AM  

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