Monday, February 02, 2009

Grammar and Bibles and Butts, Oh My!

The 1992 hip hop song "Baby Got Back" has inspired a number of performances and parodies on YouTube in recent years.

Wedding videos that garner large views are particularly likely to feature the raunchy tune as a soundtrack, whether with a father-daughter dance or the newlywed couple's first dance shown below.

There are also a number of remixes and parodies of the song, many of which are designed to give the number a different tone entirely. For example, it appears with original lyrics but new orchestration and a different set of visual cues in "Baby Got Back - Gilbert and Sullivan Style" and as an indie-folk number in Jonathan Coulton's version of the song.

My favorite adaptations are fully developed contrafacta with new lyrics like the two examples below: one celebrates grammatical rectitude and the other Christian piety.

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