Wednesday, February 25, 2009

His and Hers

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a Twitter feed that he tried to deploy with real-time pressure tactics from voters who might be spurred into messages like the one below as the budget crisis went into overtime and legislators slept at their desks.

@happysurprise Email your Legislator & tell them to vote for budget. Tweet back who you contacted & use #CAbudgetASAP to let others know

The Twitter feed of California's First Lady Maria Shriver also indicates that she is a frequent updater, who also responds to constituents and posts mini-links, despite the fact that her political stance is much less policy-oriented.

It's interesting to note that the state's first couple often also reference each other in their posts. Unlike a regular Twitter couple, however, the reader doesn't see them asking each other to pick items up on their way home or run mundane errands.

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