Friday, April 17, 2009

n00b news

The big digital rhetoric stories of the day probably have to do with how Twitter is being used by traditional television broadcasters to promote one-to-many properties for mass audiences.

Transmedia giant Oprah Winfrey had her first day on Twitter, but was soon criticized by those in the Twitterati who tried to explain the conventions of the 140 character microblogging site to the talk show / lifestyle magazine guru who has launched bestselling books and presidential campaigns in the past. NPR and Yahoo news pointed out that her first tweet seemed to consist of all-caps "shouting," which is frowned upon by netiquette experts. And Steve Garfield noted that she needed to learn to use the "at" sign properly.

Meanwhile, celebrity Ashton Kutcher won a competition with newschannel CNN in a race to the one million follower mark.

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