Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Au Revoir

Humanities & Technology: Voices of Digital Scholarship from UCI HumaniTech® on Vimeo.

Yesterday was an event commemorating the ten-year anniversary of Humanitech that included a panel with James Herbert, Ramesh Jain, Alan Liu, Julia Lupton, and J. Hillis Miller who debated the status of the humanities in the "posthuman" age and the future of Gramsci's "organic intellectual."

Over the course of a decade, distinguished Humantech speakers have addressed major issues about the future of the humanities in the digital age: the late age of print, blogging as critical discourse, the rhetoric of computer games and virtual worlds, open access publishing, the future of writing, and the role of design as a discipline. Rockers David Byrne and Thomas Dolby have also been honored guests.

This timeline shows some of the program's notable scholarly events, which have also been documented through a series of podcasts. Humanitech has also been on the forefront of digital activism by balancing the need for copyright guidelines in a litigious era with the need for fair use of digital materials in academic contexts.

Humanities & Technology: the Past Ten Years from UCI HumaniTech® on Vimeo.

Sadly, the program is a victim of budget cuts, and Barbara Cohen, Director of Humanitech, is now retiring. Here's my personal thank you.

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