Friday, June 26, 2009

Facebook for Mugshots

Developers of Facebook applications have now launched a Sex Offender Search, which has already attracted over 40,000 users on the popular social networking site. Mapping services for sex offenders have long been available on a number of government websites and have already been linked to vigilante violence.

Comments on the application's page that are currently posted are generally positive, although developers note that some have registered complaints with their service, which provides mugshots of potential perpetrators on a user's news feed who has provided their zip code of residence.

We've gotten a few anonymous complaints about this being "too much". I disagree; A social site is a great way to allow more people to be aware that such tools exist out there to help protect your families. We've also done some upgrades to the system and hope things are running a bit smoother recently. If you have any problems please send us a message and we'll look into it as soon as possible. :) Thanks ♥

Of course, the offender locator search that it links to could easily encourage harassment of family, friends, neighbors, and bystanders who had nothing to do with any crime, and the category of offender itself can include many who are not pedophiles, as well as those who commit victimless crimes, such as gay men caught in sting operations at public cruising sites.

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