Saturday, September 26, 2009

Presto Change-o

Digital humanist and designer Craig Dietrich, Vanessa Vobis, and John Bell have created a digital video installation about how humanities scholars adjust to the challenges and opportunities posed by working in new genres that may have very different conventions from those associated with academic print culture.

In addition to myself, the cast of Magic reflecting on these issues includes my fellow NEH-Vectors "Broadening the Digital Humanities" fellows Cheryl Ball, Alexandra Juhasz, David Shorter, and Nicole Starosielski and digital artist Erik Loyer.

I tend to be self-conscious about how I appear in videorecorded interviews, but this is certainly a fair representation of my attitudes about these projects. I appear in sections on "A second life," "Adding voices," "Adopting technology," "Quality of the questions," "Finding new audiences," "Speaking in new ways," and "DIY academics."

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