Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Vanished Civilization

Reader Michael Thomas points out that this item about "The World Tomorrow If the Internet Disappeared" has become a piece of Internet ephemera that is widely distributed via e-mail and other informal channels.

Much of the humor in the user-generated content in this Photoshop contest depends on knowledge of print artifacts and the oddity of Internet cultural practices when transposed to the page or to the architectures of physical rather than virtual marketplaces.

There is even a James Joyce joke for the literati!

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Blogger bob c said...

The physical and the virtual (mislabeled maybe?)are different doors to the same room of the house. It is not all that surprising that we see the same furnishings. The perspective of the viewer, just as it always does, determines light or shadow. We just look for another door, or make one. The room, and the furnishings usually remain the same. Print vs. online? No real difference in substance, just a new door to the same room.

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