Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bursting their Bubble

Another nice piece by Evgeny Morozov, who I've written about before here. In "Think Again: The Internet," Morozov tackles the seven deadly virtues of Internet wishful thinking by debunking each one of the following propositions.
  • The Internet Has Been a Force for Good.
  • Twitter Will Undermine Dictators.
  • Google Defends Internet Freedom.
  • The Internet Makes Governments More Accountable.
  • The Internet Boosts Political Participation.
  • The Internet Is Killing Foreign News.
  • The Internet Brings Us Closer Together.
What's interesting about his rhetoric is that he doesn't name names in his criticism of Internet boosterism and political techno-utopianism. As he puts it, "They told us it would usher in a new era of freedom, political activism, and perpetual peace. They were wrong." Yet he doesn't say who the "they" are.

Thanks to Geert Lovink and Jeff Brazil for the link!

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