Friday, April 02, 2010

Cybersafety for Grown Ups

Yesterday the University of Indiana held the Higher Education Cybersecurity Summit with cybersecurity and privacy guru Bruce Schneier who is known for his criticisms of the "security theater" created by the Bush Administration and its failed anti-terrorism policies. Now Schneier will even promote Homeland Security programs like this one (even if he calls it "hokey"). I was also surprised to see the very smart Schneier relying on the truisms of the "digital generation" that many researchers are now calling into question in the abstract for his talk:

The Internet is the greatest generation gap since rock and roll. The older of us need to be prepared for a younger generation that lives life on the Internet, doesn't understand where their computer or smart phone ends and the Internet begins, shares passwords with their friends as a sign of trust, and deliberately lies when registering for services. At the same time, both technological and business trends point to less user control (both security and privacy), and laws are leaving these trends alone. What will security and privacy look like in this new world? Someone needs to figure it out.

When will college students be treated like grown-ups? When will we as a society figure out a rhetoric appropriate to the new digital practices that all of us are adopting?



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