Monday, May 31, 2010

Hacking the Academy Update

Speaking of Dan Cohen, I wanted to provide an update on the Hacking the Academy book project, about which I expressed some skepticism here. One week later it does look like Cohen seems to have done the impossible in soliciting enough material to create an actual book to be published both by a scholarly publisher and online in an open access format.

Contributors include many, many friends of Virtualpolitik: Cathy Davidson, David Parry, Jana Remy, Mark Sample, Leslie Madsen-Brooks, Holly Willis, Virginia Kuhn, Craig Dietrich, Matthew Gold, Alex Juhasz, Michael Wesch, Bethany Nowviskie, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Chris Kelty, John Unsworth, Stephen Ramsay, Tara McPherson, Ian Bogost, and Matthew Kirschenbaum. I will be included at the end as part of the "coda" called "Criticisms of this Book."

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