Monday, April 10, 2006

Kitchy Counters

Internet counters, the web eyesores that are generally known for recording the number of visitors to a given site, have also been repurposed for political content. For example, the Iraq Body Count offers web counters for sites who wish to record civilian deaths in the Second Gulf War. The Right has responded with its own counter, which they claim represents "lives saved" in Iraq by the U.S. invasion.

One can also add the "Drug War Clock" based here in Irvine, California or peruse the HIV Counter that shows up to 83,438,760 people infected. Adding an abortions performed counter or rainforest acres consumed counter used to also be possible.

The classic Doomsday Clock from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is no longer available as a web ticker, but you can have a version for digital rights doomsday on your site. Unfortunately, one can't add one's personal Internet death clock to one's website.

Many political countdown clocks for the upcoming election are available for websites and blogs, such as Backward Bush. Then again, given my problems keeping track of time, perhaps I should just settle for a regular clock like the one above.

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